24 May 2018

An Affirmation ~ Debbie Dixon ~ 24 May 2018

Thanks to Hilda van der Laan for sharing this.

Source: Debbie Dixon

We have a treat for the First Wavers on this certain Day as We are sensing much anxiety among you..peace and calm is vital for the Receiving of the final Increment of energy and walking in 2 worlds has its stressful times We know therefore We are merciful in our understanding of life..please accept our sacred expression in affirmation form..this will ensure a safe Entry into the Higher Dimensions and Beyond..This is for the First Wavers though all hungry, thirsty Souls will Benefit for their Future Entry into the Higher Dimensions..say out loud and with emotion..


Now Walk Forward Dear Hearts and trust that your sacred Soul will be delivered into the Light of Love, Source Love and All that Love brings into your heart and mind on this certain Day..Magic is Profound and the Magic of Source will deliver all that is necessary for a smooth Transition..Independent and Free is the mindset for all men/women who desire to be sacred Instruments for Source..The Spiritual Revolution Will Begin..walk quietly Dear Hearts but know that your Footsteps are loud indeed..You are the providers of Love and Peace and your Energy is really making a difference in the atmosphere..do not allow outside influences to put you off your personal desires for this planet..Mastering Ones Emotions will continue, you will Handle Yourselves with Ease..remember the Power of Prayer..all Solutions will be presented to those who sincerely ask for guidance..

The Master walks among You..let this fact inspire You to BE WHO YOU ARE.."listen to your heart" will indeed have your heart and mind ready for His "big reveal"His Word Will Strengthen your Belief Systems..A Powerful Voice of Truth He Will Be..beautiful energy is Infused with our words on this certain Day..it is Time to Claim Ones Inheritance Dear Hearts..We are Linking You all to The Great Central Sun..peace and love Be with You All..Love and Light  

Channeled by Debbie Dixon Artist Thanked 

The Goal ~ Galactic Historian

The goal is expansion of consciousness

Source: Galactic Historian

Diamond Rainbow 2222 Codes ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 23 May 2018

Diamond Rainbow Cosmic LightBody Blast 2222 Code and more. Powerful upgrades all day....
Embrace Embrace Embrace!

From Lisa, above.

From me, on 21 May 2018:
Also, Judy Satori has reminded us that the dimensions of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is 220 metres. She has also told us that there are 22 Galaxies making up the diamond-shaped cluster of our Super Galaxy (where the Great Central Sun is increasingly beaming Cosmic Reset energies to our Galactic Central Sun, which in turn is busy transmitting them to our Sun, and thus, our Solar System).

I just discovered that the location of the pyramid complex, Visoko, is 22 miles from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia!

Then, there's this, as discovered by Dr Sam:
Shadow of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun form the parallel “pyramid” next to the Bosnian pyramid of the Moon on a day of summer solstice (June 22), extremely important day for the ancient people.
Finally, sources such as Alex Collier have told us about the 22 Star Races that have been involved in Human history, we are the sum total of these 22 Races.

Rare Anti-Solar Arc ~ SpaceWeather.com ~ 23 May 2018

I'm always amazed with and grateful for those who seem to capture some rare moment for us to appreciate. This is pure Synchronicity! (But why call it "anti"-Solar?)

Source: SpaceWeather.com

RARE ANTI-SOLAR ARCS: Yesterday, May 21st, Pål Tengesdal boarded a plane at the Gardermoen Oslo Airport in Norway and took off. Minutes later he saw something strange out the window. "There was a bright luminous «X» in the clouds," he says. "I photographed it using my iPhone 7."

"The phenomenon was visible for less than 2 minutes," says Tengesdal. "As we moved out of the clouds it faded away."

Tengesdal witnessed a rare type of ice halo called "anti-solar region arcs." To see them, you have to stare directly away from the sun, looking down into icy clouds where subhorizon reflections from the faces of ice crystals create these strange arcs.

Tengesdal's seat in the plane was, for 2 brief minutes, the perfect viewing location. "I was seated on the side of the plane diametrically opposite the sun," he explains. "This put the plane's shadow in the diamond-shaped center of the «X» (e.g., the anti-solar point). Clouds floated in a thin layer below the plane."

Anti-solar region arcs are bright but elusive, requiring a passenger to be seated in just the right spot, looking in just the right direction, at precisely the right moment as the plane ascends above icy clouds. Rare, indeed.

Sedona AZ Crystal City of Universal Light/New Earth Message/Divine Matrix Activated ~ Shekina Rose ~ 26 March 2018

Crystals of Mother Gaia are awakening across the globe, and this is something that many who are connected with the Crystal Kingdom have felt this year. Shekina Rose also talks about the re-emergence of the Sacred Divine Feminine, and its presence is her perspective of disclosure. This is a beautiful message, for those who feel drawn to listen.

Those without fb can listen in on yt here. 

Source: Shekina Rose

Sedona AZ Crystal City of Universal Light/New Earth Message/Divine Matrix call to the starseeds ~ Crystal Transmission from the Vortex

Christ crystalline DNA template through the Vortex inter stellar portal of Sedona
Chrystal frequency anchors of the New Earth are being awakened

Shekina Rose ~ Blue Ray Starseed, Peace Emissary and Channel of the Blue Ray, Angelic Messenger of the Harmonic Vocalist for the Language of Light in the 528 Hz Miracles and Love, Star Races Contactee, Author and Healer


528 Hz Language of light transmissions videos from the vortex Rock mountains of Sedona

Language of light Stargate Pendants ~ Pleiadians technology


Plight of Our Spiritual Team ~ Caitlin Hefner

The Plight of Our Spiritual Team ~ Caitlin Hefner
(posted by Jenna Pennrose)
"OK team. We've sent her five angel numbers and a total of 6 synchronicities. She's downloaded and channeled her next steps twice now. She's said it out loud. She's recorded it in her fancy ass journal.

I've got $5 on her doing the OPPOSITE thing. What's your bet, Frank?"

Thanks to Teresa Fitzgerald for sharing this.

23 May 2018

Readings for Today

The Vibration of Our Name ~ Judith Kusel ~ 22 May 2018

Source: Judith Kusel

Every time you change your name, you are changing your vibration.

Before birth you soul will telepathically project the name you wish to be known by, to your mother or father. Before my Goddaughter's son was born, he appeared to me, and told me what he wished to named, and more than this what he will come in to do. His mother, who is a medical doctor, listened and they named him as he had asked to be named, and they immediately guided him from the time he was born, as he had requested. Indeed, they nurtured his inherent genius from birth, and he is blossoming. He is also unusually tall for his age, as he had told me he would be!

Your name and surname are not just random. You knew what your name and surname would be before you incarnated, and accepted it as that.

However, with some families traditional names used for generations are more or less forced upon the parents. Some then resort to nicknames, where they use the name that they would have given the child, if they had free will and choice. However, this confuses the whole issue, for in truth the given names sometimes are not in highest alignment with the soul.

For instance, if women marry and they take on their husband's surname, their vibration and frequency changes, and they take on the collective ancestral history with the name they take on. Now the more times one marries, and changes one's name, the more your vibrational frequency changes.

If you are always called by your nickname, or the shortened or pet version of your full name, you never grow into your full maturity. If you assume your full name, you will then start to vibrate to the full power of your name, and thus will vibrate at a much higher frequency.

How can one discern this?

Easy. Ask a group of friends to gather around you, and sing your name(s) with love. For instance, in my case it would be my name, and all the nicknames my family and friends use: Judith, Judi, Jude, Ju. (In my case the German pronunciation of my name, differs from the English version, so there immediately a different vibration enters in the way my name is pronounced, and in French even more so). Listen from your heart and soul. Which one resonates the most with you and gives you that special something, which the other versions do not? Remember that if your name was spoken in anger in a certain tone of voice (by parents of whoever) you might have that connotation to that version of your name (more to the TONE) , or you might remember the emotions that went with it. If you name is sung with love, you are tuning into the higher vibration of your name, and that is what you most resonate with.

Since I have insisted that my family and friends use my full name, I have stepped into full maturity and I love my names. All of them.

(Judith Kusel)