24 July 2017

Message from Spirit for Today ~ Judy Satori ~ 24 July 2017

Source: Judy Satori

Here is a message from Spirit for today...24 July...

Waves of energy are coming in to prepare us for the 8.8 Lion's Gate opening on the 8th of August. At this time we will all be individually and collectively ushering in something new, both for ourselves personally and for others.

The word here is just BE with what is...RELAX and let go into LOVE...

When we disconnect from our preconceived ideas of what is possible, Miracles and Magic can begin.

So Spirit say to set that intention..."I accept miracles and magic in my life". And so it IS.

I arrive in Ladakh on the 8th of August, so I wonder what is in store! Thank you to all of you who have given feedback about the Breaking Through the Limitation Matrix audio.


Cosmic Dates and Events

Revel Wallpapers
We've got all these events happening:

New Moon ~ 23 July
Day Out of Time ~ 25 July
Galactic New Year ~ 26 July
Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon ~ 7 August
Lion's Gate ~ 8 August
Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon ~ 21 August.

We're in a very powerful period that's full of potential.

How to Jump Timelines ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 23 July 2017

Source: High Heart Life

To talk about jumping or switching timelines we first need to talk about different frequencies and different layers of frequencies. Think of energy vibrating at different frequencies, different rates of vibration and speed. View the image above and the different colors of each frequency band of energy in it.

Now think of how lower, dense, negative thoughts and emotions like fear, hatred, violence, warring, greed, corruption, negative ego, lying, manipulating people, deception, self-deception and hundreds of other low vibe, low-frequency thoughts, emotions and actions exist within the lowest, most dense of these different bands of frequency, such as the old Earth and world reality we all incarnated into. When we have any lower frequency thoughts, emotions or actions we automatically become energetically, vibrationally aligned with that same low-frequency world and matching external reality. When we have higher frequency thoughts, emotions and actions we’re automatically energetically, vibrationally aligned with matching higher frequency Earth world(s) and realities. When Forerunners Pathpave we’re aiming for, aligning with and anchoring ourselves within the highest frequency Ascension Earth world(s) and doing this causes all lower frequency worlds and people in them that are an energetic and consciousness match with them to increasingly exit from our reality. They don’t disappear from our higher view and perception, we’re just no longer energetically, vibrationally bound to them through being a frequency match with them.

If I want to jump timelines and go to a lower frequency one than I’m in now, then I would intentionally focus on lower, dense issues, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and/or actions, mine or other people’s. By doing this it’s very easy and almost instantaneous now in 2017, to drop out of a higher frequency and matching location down into a lower one or ones. You “fall” in other words, either intentionally or unintentionally and for whatever the reason(s) may be in that moment for you.

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Being Still ~ Eckhart Tolle

** You are never more fully yourself than when you are still inside.    Eckhart Tolle **

The Lion's Gate Diary ~ Celia Fenn ~ 23 July 2017

Celia Fenn will be providing energy updates for this key period leading up to the August Solar Eclipse. Please check the link below periodically in case I forget to post them here :)

Source: Starchild Global

23rd July : New Moon in Leo
Today the sun moves into Leo and we also have the New Moon in Leo.  This is a time to go within and to start the process of letting go of the old and sowing the seeds of the new cycle of Manifestation and Creation.  Use this deep and quiet time to really consider what you wish to create in this next cycle of Time Flow.  You are the creator of your own reality, and in the 4th Dimension you are also a Master of Time.  Use your ability to focus intention for the incoming cycle.  You can call on the Royal Lion's of Sirius to guide you to the Portal and assist you to move across into a higher level of conscious creation on your new Time Line/Spiral.

You may find the energies quite difficult right now as the frequencies accelerate on the Timeline.  Many people may be feeling tired as they adjust to the new frequencies.  Also, you may feel headaches, nausea and dizziness.  All  the symptoms that indicate Time/Space upgrade.  In this time it is really important to take it SLOW!  The higher the frequency, the slower you need to go!  It is one of those spiritual paradoxes.  Rest, relax, don't rush anything!  There is plenty of time.  Eat good food, sleep as much as you need to and drink lots of water.  Stretching exercises and yoga are also good, as is walking in nature and enjoying the sunshine.  Be at Peace with yourself and your world!

Solar Killshot Erupts....At Mars ~ Suspicious 0bservers ~ 23 July 2017

I'm no expert, but somehow I just feel strongly that we can still feel the effects here even though the Solar flares are not Earth-facing. And again, Astrology isn't my thing at all, but I'm thinking that this will trigger people into erupting in rage, or more precisely, be on the war-path.

Please watch the video here.

Total Solar Eclipse: 21 August 2017 ~ Arbre Solaire ~ 23 July 2017

Please view this short video here.

23 July 2017

Long Island & Weekly Ascension Meditations

Long Island Meditation details here
Weekly Ascension Meditation ~ details at the fb page, or at The Portal.

8-8 Lion's Gate Lunar Eclipse ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 22 July 2017

Lion’s Gate 8:8 by Ellen McDonough of www.PlacesofLight.com
Source: New Earth Central

The Sun moved into the fiery, passionate sign of Leo today, Saturday, July 22nd. We also see star Sirius rising every morning on the horizon with the Sun. The annual 8:8 Lion’s Gate occurs on August 8th and is the time of year when our planet aligns with Star Sirius and the Galactic Center, creating a harmonious portal that unites “matter and antimatter”.

Leo is the sign of the ‘heart center’ and signifies the personal individuation of your Divinity, as the dormant Soul DNA awakens and activates in your human energy field. During this event a Stargate is fully opened, streaming intense Light waves from the Great Central Sun, through our Sun, The Star Sirius, the Earth Grid Point of the Sphinx and The Great Pyramid of Giza. When the Sun is conjunct Star Sirius it creates a Solar Stargate that pours Solar Star Codes for mastery and ascension directly from Sirius.

The annual 8-8 Lion’s Gate portal is a pivotal Cosmic Ascension event, as humanity and Gaia are thrust through the Lion’s Gate portal into the higher realms. Every being on the planet will be offered the choice to align with the original, divine Law of One.

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Gridwork Video & New Moon SUNday Activations: Unify Now! ~ Sandra Walter ~ 22 July 2017

Sandra Walter's site is Creative Evolution.

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

A new Gridwork Basics video and PDF have been added to the Free tools section of my website. Thank you for your patience ~ it has been challenging to get things done in this new light level before my offline passage begins.

The BIG thing is the New Moon tomorrow, SUNday July 23. We unify in Divine Service! Global Unity Meditations will focus on preparing the path of totality of the eclipse, highest timelines of Ascension, and activating the crystalline grid support systems. We open the pathways for Global Peace NOW.

This is a STRONG trigger point, launching us into the August Gateway.

Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers: This is the last New Moon before the Eclipse (which is also a New Moon). Join us in the SUNday Unity Meditations, plant your crystals to connect with the crystalline core of Gaia and New Earth grids. See the new video for details!

Gratitude for sharing with your groups and friends. Thank you for doing the good work on behalf of all.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Unity Consciousness!

A lengthy article on the August Eclipse, Resolution, Receiving the Christed Crown, and Remaining Gateways of 2017 is below.

Tachyons ~ Victor Ter ~ 22 July 2017

Victor Ter mentions that the Tachyon Belt is now in our Solar System.

Also, please read more at Tachyonis if you wish to find out more about the Tachyon Chambers.

Source: Victor Ter

Tachyon energy, most of us have heard the name, primarily from shows such as Star-Trek or other like shows. Some, with a background in the hard sciences, may have heard the term a few other times, but very few people know exactly what tachyon energy is, and even fewer know about the incredible results that can be attained through its use in the area of alternative health-care or, as it is also known, holistic healing. 

Tachyons are the source particles from which whole universe originates. 

Tachionization is a technological process where physical matter is imbued by a larger quantity of tachyons and so on a quantum level, it changes subatomic quantum wave function structure of atoms which compose the matter. The chemical structure of matter in this process does not change. The change happens on a subatomic particle level. Tachyon technology enables a huge increase in efficiency of natural creams, food supplements and water vitalization. As it reduces the entropy of physical matter, it slows down the process of aging, strengthens the immune system and detoxify. It also harmonizes chaotic electromagnetic fields, which exist in our living environment. 

Tachyons can harmonize food and wine which as result taste better. Because of all the mentioned effects, it positively effects on our health and general well being. 

Cobra also has mentioned the Tachyon particles reaching earth. The Tachyon belt is in our solar system now. Pleaidians and other cosmic civilizations of Light use tachyons as basic source of energy as hyperdrive energy source for their spaceships by creating hyperspace wormholes, for healing, information transmission and for other purposes. Tachyon belt that represents the border between the entropic and syntropic universe is now surrounding our planet. 

High energy cosmic rays enter this Solar system from interstellar space and carry tachyons with them. Some of these tachyons reach the surface of our planet through a hyperdimensional wormhole that is created with a quartz oscillator crystal aboard Genesis II spacecraft and these tachyons can be utilized in a Tachyon healing chamber that has been developed in cooperation with the Pleiadians. This special Tachyon chamber enables the arrival of tachyons through a wormhole from higher dimensions into physical matter. 

Tachyons have an extraordinary healing and harmonizing effect. Since it harmonizes all electromagnetic emissions it is also an excellent protection against all forms of electrosmog. A healing session inside the Tachyon chamber takes 20 minutes and has irreversible positive effects on all aspects of our being.

New "High"

22 July 2017

With A Purpose....

Space Observing System

Meanwhile, these graphs are doing their own thing....
Space Observing System

Special Cobra and Corey Goode Joint Interview: Coming Soon! ~ Lynn aka Angel Eyes, Prepare For Change ~ 22 July 2017

Source: Prepare For Change

By Lynn (AKA Angel Eyes ~**~)

This is a shout out to all readers/listeners of our Cobra interviews. I will be joined by Justin Deschamps as co-host of this special interview. Prepare For Change is joining forces with Corey Goode and Justin Deschamps to promote a special meditation to be held on the day of the eclipse: August 21st, 2017.

For the next 4 days only—I am seeking questions on anything surrounding the topic of meditation. This is our chance to advance as a united people, to stand in solidarity for a common cause. We are all desiring a new society, free of debt slavery, where people can follow the path of the heart, be engaged in work that is joyful and fulfilling. Now is our chance to join with a larger community to create what it is we desire. It is through peaceful means, that we will overtake the dark and create our new society. It is by love that we will win.

Fiery Eclipse Reset ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 21 July 2017

Source: Meg Benedicte

This Saturday the sun moves into Leo, the sign it rules, and launches a powerful month of cosmic events. The 1st New Moon in Leo occurs at 1° in the early morning hours Sunday, July 23rd and conjunct Mars in Leo at 2°. Mars if very comfortable in the Leo Refiner’s Fire. It is the perfect moment to harness the fiery motivation to dive into projects and create new opportunities, and express yourself with authentic integrity.

The 2nd New Moon in Leo concludes with a game-changing Solar Eclipse on August 21st, just a few degrees from the North Node. There is growing anticipation in regard to this powerful solar eclipse in America, as it also aligns with the president’s natal ascendant in the last degrees of Leo. Expect sudden shifts and shocking surprises while the eclipse energy ripples through the collective.

Adding to the eclipse impact is Uranus turning retrograde on August 2nd in 28°Aries. Much of the rapid changes since 2011 can be attributed to the revolutionary/evolutionary Uranus-Pluto square. Now Uranus will form a trine with the Leo Eclipse on August 21st, creating a zero point fiery eclipse reset of future timelines. It is the perfect storm of confluent energies merging into a colossal redirect for Gaia and humanity.

The intense battle between Light and Dark and the destiny of our future hinges on this reset point – forging a new trajectory away from archon devastation and into the realm of unity consciousness. The Great Shift is gaining momentum now as we ramp up to an intense August – don’t take your eyes off the goal. It is within our grasp!

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Loving Energy from Mary Magdalene to Activate the Sacred Feminine ~ Judy Satori and Cari Murphy ~ 21 July 2017

The replay link can be accessed at Cari Murphy's Radio Show page.

I woke up with a dreadful headache that was threatening to degenerate into a full-blown migraine, so I knew I couldn't do much else but to lie down. I also remembered that Judy Satori would have a replay of her show with Cari Murphy, so I decided to listen to it while I closed my eyes.

As it turned out, Judy was also having a headache (and it really showed through her voice). I don't have any notes as I drifted in and out of sleep throughout the show, but the general theme seemed to be the rebirth of our Authentic Self. I do remember that there were activations for deep clearing, as the intensity of the energies are helping with that. There's also an activation for speaking Light Language. Towards the end, Mary Magdalene teaches that being in the high-vibrational energy of Joy (which is Love expressed) activates and regenerates our cells for the Ascension process.

Return to Light ~ Cobra ~ 21 July 2017

Source: The Portal

There is significant progress and if all goes according to the plan, I will be able to release new update about the status of Yaldabaoth entity / Black Stone situation in about a week.

An important communication channel between the Resistance and the surface population has been opened:


The Resistance has read all those letters and they are now realizing that the amount of suffering of the surface population is even greater than they imagined.

For this reason, they have prepared a few instructions that can make the pre-Event time easier for the awakened part of the surface population.

First, the vast majority of suffering has its root cause in the so-called primary implant. Primary implant is the implant that we have all received upon our entrance in the quarantine Earth area many thousands years ago. This implant is positioned in the frontal lobe of the brain on the plasma and etheric plane, is filled with charged rotating anomalous plasma and has the primary message that we are separated from the Source / Love / Light. This primary disconnection from the Source then attracts situations that reflect that disconnection and create more suffering. Since our free will then aligns with the implant, the Light forces can not intervene in our life, the prayers do not get answered, the protection is lost, the trust is gone.

Those implants were created by the Chimera group millions of years ago and were reinforced by the Chimera in the Great Forgetting of 1996 in order to prevent planetary Ascension. When a critical mass of those implants is dissolved, the whole reality construct of duality / evil / suffering will collapse and the Light will return.

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A Small Fragment of Solara's July 2017 Surf Report

Source: The NVisible

Remaining True, No Matter What!

We are now entering the second half of this wild, wild year when the pins that hold duality in position are popping out all over the place. This is when The screws will either tighten further on humanity and we will lose more of our freedoms or we will choose to unscrew them and loosen the hold of duality. The outcome depends on us....

July brings accelerated change, challenging situations and yet more shocking events with lots of bumps and adjustments. It also gives us numerous opportunities to learn a lot ~ both what to do and what NOT to do.

July and August go together as a pair. Something big happens in July and something even bigger happens in August that will send shockwaves all over the planet. The final semester of the year will be quantum leaps Off the Map, as we choose in a real way the reality in which we want to live. Duality will continue to implode, while feeling increasingly distant and surreal.

July isn't a linear month in which things happen in a logical, linear progression. Instead, it is crammed full of swirling, spiraling circular energies which are laden with the unexpected. If I was to make a drawing of July, I would fill my paper with a multitude of messy circles in all sizes and colors. These circles wouldn't be in any order; they would be all over the place, overlapping each other in a chaotic profusion. Immediately we might wonder, "How in the heck am I going to navigate through THIS?"

If we try to move according to linear time, everything becomes chaotic and exhausting, but if we connect with the Green Lights and Fast Track of the New Reality, we surprisingly won't feel so much pressure and distress. If we do everything with Love and Trueness, it will align us with something much bigger.

July is full of massive changes with lots of ups and downs, pockets of chaos and rising fear. Because of this, it's vitally important that we enter the Timeless True Worlds and position ourselves in the center of the Expanded HERE and NOW which is BEYOND the turmoil. For this is where we will not only be safe, but where we can most effectively serve.

The merger of the Timeless True Worlds with the New Reality which began during the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN in May was completely unexpected, but vitally important. For the Timeless True Worlds are where we reside in our original true state of being. They are an essential component of the New Reality, for we have to return to our true natural state of being in order to fully reside in AN.

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21 July 2017

Streets of Gold are Unveiled ~ Gaia Portal ~ 21 July 2017

Source: Gaia Portal

Ferrites embed within the soft matrix.
Separations are resolved.
Banners of Illumination are raised.
Streets of Gold are unveiled.

News Flash ~ Mahala Gayle ~ 20 July 2017

The most important event with this solar eclipse will be a major consciousness change. The Sun will make a nice trine to Uranus and Saturn. The sun will be on 29 degrees Leo conjunct Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion. Uranus, the planet of change and consciousness will be on 28 Aries, and Saturn, the old ruler of this world will be on 21 degrees Sagittarius. Here is a link to the path of the eclipse: Eclipse: Who? What? Where? When? and How?. Don’t forget to get eclipse glasses if you are going to look at the sun.

Saturn will say “I give up my power to the lioness”. Uranus will say “I will cause a major change in consciousness” and the sun Goddess will say “I accept this major change, the light has won. Love now rules the world”. This is all symbolic of the message of the Sphinx. The Sphinx has the head of a woman and the body of a lion which represents the signs of Leo and Virgo. That monument has been there for thousands of years as a symbol of this change from a male dominated Earth to a feminine heart centered Earth. In order for this to happen the Earth needs to jump into the 5D Earth just like it went into 4D in 1987.

Please read the full report at Mahala's Astrology.


Space Observing System
And there's also this sharp rise....
Space Observing System

August 21st – Total Eclipse of the Sun – Join Forces to Align Our Future with the Planetary Liberation Program! ~ Ada Shaw, Prepare For Change ~ 19 July 2017

Source: Prepare For Change

It is time to prepare for the next big Prepare For Change mass meditation Event!

….and this time we will be gathering together physically…it is finally time to meet the rest of the 144,000….

….this promises to be a BIG one!

On Monday, AUGUST 21st, 2017 … a mere 5 weeks from now…there will be a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE over the USA.


COBRA – “This eclipse as you probably all know will have it’s main zone of totality across the continental U.S. and as such it is a very important energy marker for that area, so this eclipse is an opportunity for the awakened part of the population of the United States to make some important decisions for the future of that country in a way that’s aligned with the planetary liberation program.”

Lynn – Ok. Does this eclipse represent an opportunity to re-open these Goddess portals?

COBRA – To a certain degree, yes.

Lynn – Does an eclipse over the USA provide us with a tremendous opportunity to expose the shadow government of the deep state?

COBRA – Yes.

Aaron – What is the best thing we can do to anchor the light during this total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017?

COBRA – As I’ve said the most important thing to do is to make decisions, to make positive choices and the second thing is to do this in harmony with other groups. So Unification of groups is quite important here.

What better time to focus our collective consciousness on bringing back the LIGHT and exposing all that has been hidden from humanity???

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20 July 2017

Fallen World: Return of Light ~ Elora Gabriel & Karen Kirschbaum

Image Source: Flick River

** It is comforting to think that Earth is a primitive schoolhouse or a brutal but effective boot camp, a tiny and troubled speck floating in the cosmic oceans of love and light.

Heru states that this is not the case. If our Universe were a place of peace, truth, and joy, he asked us rhetorically, would the situation on Earth have been allowed to persist ---
the injustice, the enslavement of so much of Humanity, the prevalence of suffering?

The truth, according to Heru and the other Masters we have spoken with, is that we live in a fallen world which exists within a fallen Universe. 

"Return of Light"   by Elora Gabriel & Karen Kirschbaum **

Hieros Gamos ~ Lee Harris

Source: Lee Harris

Affirmation: I allow my Divine Masculine to inhabit my body. There is room for the divine male in me. My inner feminine and inner masculine are married - married in the true sense of the word. It is a flowing relationship. I acknowledge my shadow male aspects. I feel no shame around these. I allow my shame to leave my body. I welcome my Divine Masculine. I invite back my divine strength. I invite in my divine love.

– From Invoking The Divine Masculine

Learn More: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/store/invoking-the-divine-masculine-sex-death-the-alchemy-of-energy

Living 5D Consciousness Now ~ Open ~ 16 July 2017

Source: Openhand

Ever more people are aligning with the Shift into the 5D. I'm hearing from new people daily, from the far flung corners of the world. It's tremendously exciting! One of the key questions that comes up, is "What will it be like living in the 5D?" My answer is you don't have to wait! Nor do you have to hope for some far off distant dream. You don't make one giant leap into 5D consciousness, you progressively shift, living the experiences here and now, so that you begin to build a 5D landscape all around you, now, in this moment, in this world. We do it in our relationships, our careers and general living circumstances. As the old consciousness steadily falls away, it becomes your new reality...
Living in Two Worlds

I'm constantly feeling these days like I'm living in two world's not one. I can feel the 5D paradigm all around me, in every movement, every thought, every breath, every synchronicity that creates the things I need. It's literally breath-taking to be an integral part of a higher consciousness flow that is speaking to you through every movement. I can feel the sanctity and rejuvenation of life there. I can see the deeper interplay that brings everything together as one. This is pure heaven!

But like you, I'm still engaging in the 3D and the lower karmic consciousness. I still witness the challenges of family and those who are still working through the lower vibration. I encounter the fear, the worries and control of others, often still desperately clinging to the last straws of the old reality. It's sobering and it's humbling.

And the risk is, the old karmic consciousness can still pull you in. And that's fine, it's necessary, until you've personally processed all your own karma. Because you can't fully ascend finally into the 5D without processing it.

So let the karma pull you in, let the 4D tightness activate, but then immediately turn into it, turn to face it - don't wait or procrastinate - work right into it immediately and then process it quickly out.

Try this 9 step process for healing subconscious trauma and karmic source pain.

5 Classic Symptoms you're living 5D Consciousness

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Imagine Yourself as a Superhero - The Team & Peggy Black - 18 July 2017

Peggy Black's website is Morning Messages.

Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family 
July 18, 2017

___________ My Personal Message___________

Thank you for your kind messages and support. This month has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I have honored the space to grieve and to move forward gently with activities. There are tremendous changes happening in our world as well as in our lives at this time. Seems that we are moving through the challenges, being given the opportunity to transform what is occurring.

There are certainly some celestial energies triggering these challenges and changes. I have been aware of and am using The Galactic Calendar which is a transmission of the Dreamspell, an advanced system of time-keeping brought to life by Dr. Jose Arguelles. The Dreamspell is based on decades of research into the profound knowledge and cosmic code underlying the calendar system of the ancient Maya.

It seems, according to this calendar, that July 26th is a potent galactic New Year frequency. I have included a website and video later in this newsletter for those who would like more information. This past year has been influenced by Blue Spectral Storm, which influenced the chaos of transformation, letting go of structure, and breaking down to breakthrough. This coming year is influenced by the Yellow Crystal Seed, which invites us to plant the seeds of a new reality with our words, actions and intentions, which are all living seeds.

We are also feeling the energy of the next two eclipses. August 7/8 will be a partial lunar eclipse with the moon in Aquarius. This eclipse opens the cosmic door or portal for the powerful solar eclipse on August 21. The solar eclipse has the energy of the new moon in Pisces. This total solar eclipse will sweep across the United States from Oregon to South Carolina. The last one occurred February 26, 1979. The next total solar eclipse over the continental U.S. occurs April 8, 2024.

Solar eclipses offer an energetic push that assists everyone and everything to complete or close the current chapter and begin to call forth and anchor a new chapter, to create a fresh start. It seems very symbolic and significant that the path of this eclipse is across the entire United States. Eclipses open wide a portal so that we can experience a new, cosmically-charged higher dimension. The electrometric field of Earth is disrupted and this will affect everything on Earth. That offers us the opportunity to resonate with a new frequency from the universe

Both of these cosmic events invite us to be aware of our personal power to create a reality that is life sustaining. We truly have the support of the universe in this endeavor.

This energy has inspired me to make a commitment to complete the next Morning Messages book set. They have been in the computer for several years, so now is the time to finish this project. Will keep you posted.

Perhaps it might be a good time during these intense energies to have a private session with the 'team' please give me a call. I am so honored to offer the connection with my beloved 'team.' They are very generous with their information. You will receive powerful tools to assist in dealing with the chaos we are all witnessing. One scheduling note to keep in mind – I expect to be in Kauai helping my daughter during most of September and will not be available for appointments then. I’ll let you know more in the August newsletter as those plans develop.

I am so grateful for your incredible support. The emails, bluesky gifts and cards I receive from you are so inspiring. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together.

I acknowledge each of you as you recognize yourself as a master of transformation when dealing with all that is occurring in your life and on our planet. We are making a difference. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy

_________ Message from the 'Team' _________

Imagine Yourself as a Superhero

Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here extending our support to those who are aware. We celebrate the chaos, for it is out of chaos that new realities are called forth and created. We observe, however, that those living in the experience of chaos might not feel the desire to celebrate. It is the nature of being human, the desire for what is familiar, what is safe and what matches the beliefs. Realize what you are experiencing is only your personal vibrational interpretation.

We will continue to invite you to step out of what is familiar and what is thought of as safe and acknowledge it is really only an illusion. This sense of reality that everyone is taught to hold in place is being dismantled. What appears to be breaking down in all aspects of your society is the shift which invites and allows for a new order of energy to arise.

Dysfunctional behaviors and limited mental patterns are ingrained into your entire energy field and beliefs. Mass consciousness is being stirred, quickened and triggered to awaken to the truth of the unlimited self, awakened to the truth and realization that each and every being is divine.

There are a swelling number of awakened individuals across your planet. Internal and galactic codes are being stimulated allowing a conscious shift to take place within each individual. This shift is unique within everyone. However subtle or intense, the shift is taking place.

There are many who are activating the shift by their actions, studies, and remembering who they truly are as magnificent multidimensional beings. Those of you who have been expanding into this realization understand why you are here at this time on this planet.

You are anchoring the new reality. You are securing the frequency of the higher dimensions. You are the cutting edge of conscious expansion. Own the fact that you are a true transformer of dense misqualified energy. You are unlimited. You are powerful beyond measure.

It is time for you to step into the role you came here to play. Imagine yourself as a superhero, with all of these unlimited powers for good. Ask yourself, if I had the power to change the reality on this planet, what would it be? What aspect troubles you the most? How would you change the world? What would be the first and foremost intention you would call forth? How would you hold that vision? What superpowers would be needed for this shift or change to be manifest?

To make your task or this assignment more interesting, imagine that the change will offer harm to none. This will call upon your true creative ability as the master that you are. Think totally outside the box. Imagine you are on a council of other divine conscious superheroes. Invite non-physical divine beings to support you in this endeavor. Be outrageous, be courageous, imagine the very best results for all living things.

Ask yourself often what conscious seeds would you plant? Really observe all facets of this reality. What aspect touches your heart the most? What is happening that causes you to judge and drop into a low frequency of anger or fear? These are the emotions that rob you of all your superpowers.

The most important thing to remember is that all things are possible. If you can envision it and hold that vision clear and strong, offering it into the quantum field with trust and certainty, it will manifest and become a reality. This is a cosmic and universal truth. As a superhero disguised as a human, you know and understand these universal laws and truths.

You may have to put aside all the limiting beliefs, misinformed programs and misqualified emotions you have acquired while in residency. Even if it is a brief moment, remember to shift what you are offering if it does not align with your vision of the best for all. Use your tools to transform misqualified emotions of sadness, fear, anger, lack of any kind, judgment of anyone. Once you have cleared these with sound or energy, always replace them and call forth an emotional frequency or vibration that is coherent and in balance with your heart’s knowing.

Even if you are only able to step into your divine superpowers briefly, do not be discouraged, for each and every time you cause a ripple in the fabric to this energetic matrix, that brings a shift. Do not doubt this statement for a moment. It is you who continues to anchor light and truth daily. It is you, in your human form, holding the vision and anchoring that vision with your intentions, prayers and actions. The changes that occur in this dimension must be invited and called forth by someone in physical form in this dimension.

We realize this request can be a bit overwhelming to your limited mind, so take a deep breath, and select the one simple thing you would like to empower. Just focus on what you would like to shift. Remember that there are others who are stepping up as the true superheroes that they are.

Superpowers are coming forth; they are being activated. Invite them, allow them to unfold. Realize that these are just some of the codes that are being activated within you and others. It is happening, celebrate it, share it, own it, claim it. It is who you are in your divine essence.

High frequency vibrational emotions will always stimulate a shift. So remember that your superpowers are the ability to offer your joy, gratitude and appreciation as often as possible, in all situations, at all times. These frequencies and vibrations will uplift, soothe, resolve and connect. Love is the most omnipotent frequency. This truly is a divine superpower.

We are honored to have this opportunity to empower you to your true divine self. We are honored to assist and support you in this wonderful opportunity. Trust us when we say that there were many who longed to be a part of transforming this dimension, and it was you who was selected because of your personal superpowers and understanding. In gratitude, the 'team'

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19 July 2017

UFOs "RODs" Fixed in Our Solar System ~ myunhauzen74 ~ 18 July 2017

Thanks to Laura Light for posting this.

You watch the video here, too. This is the channel that shows very good captures of massive ships near our Sun.

Pleiades 1 and Universal Dissolution Updates ~ Gabriel Raio Lunar ~ 18 July 2017

Universal Dissolution crept 1% to 66%.

Source: Disclosure News Italia

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Light vigilantes increase as protocols ensure safety.

Avatars Allies outside the PVSE* deliver magnetic support. Alliances being made. MAJOR network being formed. (2).


Explorers of weakness are facing their own. Signs of impending redemption.

Solaris & Solaris in deployed Core Activity Enlighting. % Of awakening in nucleus: 19% (non-regressive).

Capรกlia*, the Lunar Beauty in logistics analysis. Data transfer and projection in progress. 30% (regressive).

Normum*, the Archer Hunter in logistic analysis. Data transfer and projection in progress. 25% (regressive).

Recreations of magnetized spaces for violators temporarily unauthorized.

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (In Data Collection)

* Item in Glossary

Crop Circle at Cley Hill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire ~ 18 July 2017

Crop Circle Connector
This stunning, perfect formation gave me Soul-bumps. It's like there are so many messages and codes embedded in this one Crop Circle, waiting for us to access them. Interestingly, its location is near Warminster, where another formation was located that I also featured not too long ago (see below).

The Flower of Life in full bloom, the Merkabah Lightbody being the centre of focus, duality and "half"s becoming One, new codes. The overriding "feel" is New New New.....

For more photos of this spectacular Crop Circle, please visit Crop Circle Connector.

This formation, also near Warminster and also spectacular in its details, was reported on 5 July 2017.
Crop Circe Connector

Message From Three Visions/Dreams ~ A Re-post

The latest update from Sandra Walter made me recall something I wrote some time back (here). I'm re-posting it again because I think it has some relevance, especially the "Gaia is crowned" part.

From 7 February 2016:
Three very short dreams in as many consecutive nights. I feel they are all related, with one overall message.

In the first dream, there was a small tree in a white pot. It had some dark reddish-yellow, succulent looking fruits on it. I got "fig tree", although the fruits looked visually more like peaches or apricots. It was growing in my apartment, and although it didn't seem likely to thrive indoors, I was very adamant and sure that it would and be able to feed lots of people in the near future.

Next, I was presented with a speeded up slide-show of locations around the world. They all look like Paradise ~ rich, vibrant colours and the most gorgeous flora. I recall a simple white building which reminded me of a Mediterranean scene, set against a mountainside, surrounded by lush greenery and multi-coloured blooms.

The last dream was one of a lady. She had a beauty that permeated from deep within, and the immense feeling of Love that she emanated was very palpable. She had a tiara-looking ornament on her head, just at the edge of her upper forehead. What I got was "Gaia is crowned".

I've tried my best to put together a montage of the visions in the image above. Of course they are only depictions, and not actually what I saw. I do hope they give you a sense of the visions.

18 July 2017

The August Eclipse: Metaphoric and Mystical ~ Sandra Walter ~ 17 July 2017

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The August eclipse is deeply esoteric, which is why we are guided to utilize it for complete activation of the New Earth Crystalline grids. A Total Solar eclipse crossing the entire United States is a rare event. In this year of dropping old timelines while simultaneously amplifying the higher timelines of Ascension, this eclipse presents yet another powerful turning point for a palpable external manifestation of what is occurring with the higher light.

Our August Gateway passage opens on August 3, includes the Lion’s Gate on the 8/8, the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, and extends until August 25. This wave of Light assists us in dissolving realities which do not serve the collective highest interest. It also provides an activation of ancient encodements, structures and intentions set in place for this possible scenario, while lighting up the New Earth/Crystalline Grid networks.

New Moon peak is Monday, August 21 at 11:31AM PT. A total eclipse of the Sun will be visible from the United States along the path of totality from 10:30AM PT to 3pmET (see the eclipse video below for details). The SUN’s corona is revealed for over 2 minutes in the path of totality, which cuts diagonally from Oregon to South Carolina.

Activation of the Christed Crown

An Earth-Moon-SUN alignment allows us to see a blazing display of the SUN’s corona. This giant stellar vision of the Solar crown passes from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. The Solar crown is a representation of Christed attainment; a blessing of Christ consciousness.

Perspective check: This is not about the moon blocking the SUN, it is about the SUN’s glory being revealed (the corona or crown of Light.) We get our crowns back. This isn’t hierarchy, it dissolves the old story of bloodline lineage being the path to glory. Unity consciousness – operating as a unified HUmanity – takes the crown. Many of you have seen the crown in different forms over the last few years. Your own coronation, the Divine feminine wearing the crown of Christed embodiment, or visions of a giant crown of light around Gaia. We now prepare to escalate this on a global scale.

The eclipse energy has a purifying, mystical effect; anything could occur. In our rapidly-complexifying year of 2017, the shift resolves old stories and old timelines so we may move fully into Unity without restriction. The Higher Realms will unify with us to create a clearing of timelines, akashic, memory and emotions which limit our full embodiment. This is already occurring, which is why we sense deep peace even as our experiences grow more bizarre. The crown is a massive blessing to the whole planet – not just the USA – which calls forth the next vibrational level of our Ascension experience.

Please read on....

Here We Go Again ~ Aluna Joy Yaxkin ~ 17 July 2017

Source: Aluna Joy

Here we go again... another pulse of intense energy to assimilate and transmute.

For those of you that are impacted by magnetic storms, I send my sympathies. I feel you. ๐Ÿ˜–

Please share this post with those that you know are being impacted. There has been no break in 36 hours as of this posting.

Please be very kind to yourself.
Please be very kind to others.
Please try not to make any huge life-changing decision during this time.
Make sure you drink lots of clean water.
Make sure you get lots of rest.
Get some gentle bodywork.
Don't take anything personally.
Foster a good sense of humor.
Dive into the darkness that this might trigger and kick its butt! ๐Ÿ˜‰
If you have the ability to get into some water, do so. Take Baths.

Long sustained magnetic storms (or solar flares) can push people to either be stronger or to decide to move to another life. Please PRAY and send light for those that are seriously physically challenged for the highest good to manifest for them. Most of all, be supportive of your like-minded community in anyway you can. Everyone reading this knows someone that is in need of something. Sending blessings to you. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Revealing Hidden Technology with Heather Sartain ~ Cosmic Disclosure S7 E2 ~ David Wilcock and Corey Goode ~ January 2017

Free to view over the next 48 hours.

Description given:

During many conversations with her father, who was an aerospace engineer with Lockheed Martin, Heather Sartain learned about the reverse engineering of various extraterrestrial vehicles and storage facilities for technology which could not be kept on Earth.

To watch, just click on the link below:

Are We Still Breathing Deeply?....

17 July 2017

Another Skyscape

I didn't think of posting this, which was taken just two days ago, until I uploaded it onto my computer and had a closer look. This is nothing as spectacular as the video in an earlier post, but this triangular "formation" caught my eye.

17 / 7 / 17 @7:17pm

This was my lockscreen just a few minutes ago before I started this session.

New Skyscape?

A video posted by Jason Chen that shows an abrupt "split" in the skyscape. Or an overlay, or an un-veiling (!).....the owner mentions "veil" in the post....

** Oops....for those who can't access the video (either without fb account or not in the fb group), the best I can do without having to upload the video here without permission, is to give you some stills.

This was in Taiwan. From the comments, there are 2000 Cintamanis in that country alone.

Stargate Influx and Transcending Archetypes Video ~ Sandra Walter ~ 15 July 2017

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
Our Cosmic Stargate opening on July 13 provided a long-duration M-class flare event. This influx continues through July 17, and prepares us for our global unification (cosmic trigger) on SUNday, July 23.

Much like the last cosmic stargate opening, the activity is precisely coordinated with the exact moments of interaction during Gatework; how blessed we are to witness the physical affirmation of our connection with the stargates.

Some intense global history was transmuted during this activity; more uncomplimentary secondary timelines and their sources were removed. This is more preparation for the August Gateway, which may feel more imposing as it approaches. Breathe, beloveds. Our collective strength is powerful, consciousness-shifting, peace-making stuff. We got this. Gratitude to all who are actively assisting during these passages of amplification.

About that Gridwork Video …
Thank you for all the requests for how-to-do-effective-Gridwork. Right now my focus is on Gatework and finishing up new Ascension Path videos before the August Gateway. Like most of you, I feel like I will vibe out of the skin suit. The expansion energies make linear creations challenging, but not impossible. I do still intend to create some free assistance for Lightworkers desiring to get into Gridwork, because it truly does accelerate our collective journey. Perhaps the energy will yield to landing this creation on Monday after this Gateway passage is complete.

Please read on....